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We cannot make Muslims Democrats

While I am certainly going to vote for Mitt Romney — I would probably vote for Donald Duck over Obama — I am depressed to see Romney repeating again the same exhausted memes about foreign policy. There are a number of simple truths, and I wish Romney knew these:

(1) We cannot make Muslim countries democratic, for Islam does not sanction democracy, and what Islam does not sanction has no hope in these countries

(2) We should stop wasting our time in Afghanistan and withdraw to let the Afghanis kill one another in peace.

(3) There is no hope of a Palestinian state living in peace with Israel, and we should give up on the useless peace “process” on which we have wasted so much time, and give our full efforts to supporting our one friend in the Middle East, Israel.

(4) We should give up hope in moderate Muslims. They exist in small numbers but have no power or influence.

(5) We should stop trying to make nice with Muslim organizations, which as a group are dishonest with us and have only one goal, a Muslim state. All else is subordinated to that.

(6) We should ban Muslim immigration to the US, lest we end up with the fifth columns we are starting to see in Europe.

Now, I am well aware that anyone who advocated these things would be ripped apart in the press as a racist and extremist. But preserving a free democratic culture is not extremism to my mind: I’d call it common sense.

As always, Diana West says it so much better than I can.


What is going on with Islam?

Stephen Coughlin is an expert on Islamic terrorism, and if you want to understand more about what is going on at this very moment in the Middle East, these videos are well worth reading. Note that this man predicted the attacks that US embassies have just suffered. These are rather long; but unlike so many other postings, you will learn a great deal by spending the time on them.

Here are the videos.

Selling weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood?

And now Obama is about to sell tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood’s government of Egypt. How, I wonder, did we become so suicidal? I have a feeling that it’s because we feel so secure that we have no concerns that we could harm ourselves by our actions.

Women Banned from Many Programs in Iran

Women Banned from Many Programs in Iran

And yet feminists say nothing…

To be a woman in the Middle East

Something that has always puzzled me… Why are feminists so silent about the people who do things like this? I sometimes think that it’s simply because feminism despises the West more than it loves women.