The Golden Dawn

A very interesting article on the Golden Dawn in Greece. I don’t know enough to say whether the organization is as awful as the Guardian portrays it, but even if it is I find its rise food for thought. I’ve always thought that the elite’s hate-speech laws and stifling of legitimate opposition to their “progressive” agenda would inevitably produce more and more reaction, ultimately ending in the generation of genuinely extremist groups, as more and more people become disheartened at their inability to be heard: human societies are like any living organism, and produce anti-bodies to invaders. In Greece this seems to have indeed happened. It is not surprising that their ire is directed mostly at immigrants: most of these are Muslim, and are unassimilable. Muslim groups do not join other societies; instead thet either take them over, or are destroyed.

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  • Carol cumbie  On December 7, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Obama has allowed at least 200,000 Muslims come into this country. He did it a 100,000 at a time. At least what was post at several different times.

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