Obama’s Family Secret: Perhaps now we know why Obama did so much to hide his birth certificate.

I’ve been puzzled for a number of years why Obama has gone to such lengths to hide his birth certificate. There’s no question but that he has done this, in my mind. He fought against making it public for years; and when things reached such a peak that he could no longer resist, he produced, with great fanfare, what he claimed was a scan of his so called “Long form” Birth Certificate. The problem is that this is an image that has clearly been tampered with, as experts have demonstrated. It is not, then, his genuine certificate.

The most common explanation for why this was done, one advocated by the so-called “Birthers”, is that Obama was actually born in Kenya, and is thus not qualified to be President of the United States.

I personally have never found this credible. It requires too many complicated actions on the part of the actors in this story, and there’s no evidence that Obama’s mother ever went near Kenya at this time. So I believe he was definitely born in the USA. But I have always been convinced that Obama was hiding something, something that he saw as very damaging to his career, and the birth certificate provided the evidence for it. That was why it was being suppressed.

We have not seen the genuine birth certificate to this day, and probably never will: it would not surprise me to learn that it had somehow been permanently lost. But I do think that we might now have an explanation, in a new film called “Dreams from My Real Father”, directed by Joel Gilbert, for what he was trying to hide.

In his book “Dreams from my Father” Obama mentions a man called “Frank” numerous times, and the London Telegraph has confirmed that this was a man called Frank Marshall Davis. In the 1940’s he moved from the mainland to Hawai’i, where he remained until his death in 1987. Davis knew Stanley Dunham, Obama’s grandfather for years, very well indeed in fact, as Dawna Weatherly-Williams affirms in the Telegraph article. “They’d play Scrabble and drink and crack jokes and crack jokes and argue. Frank always won and he was always very braggadocio about it too. It was all jocular. They didn’t get polluted drunk. And Frank never really did drugs, though he and Stan would smoke pot together.”

According to Mrs Weatherly-Williams Davis met Obama when he was 10 years old. Thereafter, they came to know each other well, for Davis became Obama’s mentor and counselor.

In his film Joel David offers an interesting hypothesis: Frank Davis Marshall was Obama’s real father. The elder Obama married Ann Dunham to cover up the relationship. And, very probably, Obama’s original birth certificate lists Davis as his father.

This seems quite credible. As the Telegraph article notes, David often had sex with white women, even boasting that “the number of white babes interested in at least one meeting with a Negro male has been far more than I can handle”. He married one of these “white babes”, in fact, Helen Canfield, who gave him a number of children. And meeting Ann Stanley Dunham would have been easy for Davis: she was at the University of Hawai’i at the time she fell pregnant, and Davis often hosted UH students. As Davis himself notes in his book Livin’ the Blues: Memoirs of a Black Journalist and Poet (pp 327-8):

“My neighbors were young men and women mainly from the mainland between eighteen and twenty-five years old, here on vacation or to attend the University of Hawaii. For the most part, they were from California, with a few from as far away as Maine and Florida. In addition there were others from South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Samoa, Tonga, and the other islands of the South Pacific. Hippies were still numerous, but the majority I thought of as members of the Now Generation. My relationships and experiences were so interesting and fantastic I detailed them, along with my three trips to the mainland in 1973 and 1974 to read my poetry, in a separate tome entitled “That Incredible Waikiki Jungle.”

What immediately impressed me about these young Americans, by far the numerical majority and most of them meeting for the first time in Hawaii, was their warm camaraderie and my ability to communicate on their own terms with no hint of a generation gap. Virtually all the young brothers consorted with ofay chicks (at least 80 percent of them longhaired blondes), and the sisters were affiliated with white boys. Occasionally a brother, a honky lad, and two white girls rented quarters together. Young blacks in bountiful Afros and wearing dashikis crashed in pads rented by ofays they never knew before; occasionally I permitted young white girls to sleep overnight on my floor. I saw no signs of racial hangups; these were all members of the Now Generation associating with whom they liked and color be damned.”

If Davis was indeed Obama’s father, however, why hide it? The answer is very simple. Davis was a rabid communist and a pornographer as well. Indeed, he was very likely a Soviet agent. He is not the kind of man you would want as your father. And you emphatically would not want him as your father if you were aspiring to be a rising politician, let alone President of the United States.

When I first encountered this hypothesis I felt towards it an immediate instinctual rejection. But what is remarkable about it is that the more you consider it, the more likely it seems to get. We know that there exist numerous nude and fetish pictures of Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. These are odd indeed. How and where were these taken, and by whom? Why would a middle-class girl allow these to be taken? Gilbert has an explanation. He argues persuasively in his film that these were taken by Davis during their affaire, when she was one month pregnant with Obama.

In addition, Gilbert’s thesis helps explains another oddity that has deeply puzzled me. There is a picture posted on the Obama Facebook site which has clearly been doctored. If you look below, you will see that Stanley Ann Dunham’s right hand is, remarkably, that of a black man, not a white woman. Even if one ignores its color, it is clearly much too large a hand for it to be hers. A black man was airbrushed out here.

Who was this black man? Well, a reasonable hypothesis is that it was Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama family black man's hand

Am I fully convinced by all of this that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s father? No, not entirely. But I think the evidence is starting to grow quite strong that this may in fact be so. It helps to make sense of so many odd facts: why Obama is so secretive about his birth records; why a picture was airbrushed to remove a black man; why Ann Dunham posed for pornographic pictures; why Davis was his mentor.

It also provides a basis for Obama’s life which is quite enlightening. If this relationship is real, he grew up in an environment where there existed a deep family secret. I have no idea when he found this out, but my guess, considering his close relationship with Davis, is that it was quite early. People who are trained to family secrets tend to become secretive by nature. And if ever there is a man who wants to keep his life secret, it is Obama, for he has made sure that we know only what he tells us, and that his records are carefully sequestered. We know nothing about his records at Columbia or at Harvard; and his dealings in Chicago are shrouded in mystery. There is something fundamentally hidden about the man.

But you can make your own judgment about him. See for yourself.

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