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Man in critical condition after being assaulted by black mob

The question I ask myself when I see things like this is: how long do we keep on making excuses for violence like this, simply because it is perpetrated by blacks? None of us would excuse violence by a white mob perpetrated on a black man. Trayvon’s death neither excuses nor explains this kind of disgusting thuggery. The newspapers make so much of incidents where a black man is killed by a white. We need to begin treating everyone equally, no matter their race, and punishing equally, no matter their race.


Teacher’s Unions

How interesting…  I would never have believed that a Democrat would say  this

To be a woman in the Middle East

Something that has always puzzled me… Why are feminists so silent about the people who do things like this? I sometimes think that it’s simply because feminism despises the West more than it loves women.

Do liberals understand conservatives?

An interesting study, which rather mirrors my own perception:  liberals really do not understand conservatives, while the reverse is not true.  This makes sense in a practical way:  you would have to live in a hermetically sealed barrel to avoid liberal views, which pervade our media.  But it’s relatively easy to avoid conservative views.  The result is that liberals are all convinced they understand conservatism; but really what they understand is the liberal construct of what conservatives believe.  It’s in no sense the reality of conservative belief.

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